Book Fairs Rock!

The COWCATCHER’s IN” – I didn’t hang a sign, but I did have a crew at the Savannah Children’s Book Fair to get folks to ask me a question – my husband Joe and his friend Courtney.

“Do you have a question for the COWCATCHER? Go ahead. See if you can stump her!”

That was my friend Courtney. He reeled ‘em in and then because I was wearing the graduation cap, I took over.

“Look, I have the hat, so I must be smart. Ask me anything.”

Ask me a question.

Ask me a question.

Actually, I told many parents that I’ve graduated three great children from the nest, so I would be willing to say I’ve been through most the trials and tribulations of parenting. “Give it to me!”
I was expecting questions such as, “What should I do when my kid says he’s bored?” Or, “What’s a cowcatcher?” But instead I got, “How come you catch cows?” To which I replied, “I don’t because I don’t know anyone who can throw a cow. Got any more questions? Perhaps, what should I do when I’m bored?”
BUT the funniest questions came from two young boys who wholeheartedly took on the challenge of stumping the COWCATCHER. The first question came from a young boy, I’m guessing he was seven or eight years old who asked, “What’s five times five?”
I looked at him with a worried expression. “Is it twenty-five?” I asked dripping with hope.
“YES! It is!” he told me looking at his mother as if I were a genius. I’m telling you, it was the hat.
The very next kid asked me another math question and I was tempted to give this little guy a wrong answer but I couldn’t, not with the hat on top of my head.
“What’s 1000 plus 2000?”  To which I replied, “3000? Am I correct?”
Again, the same response came in with awe. “Oh, yes, it is!” He gazed up at me as if I were his very own Cracker Jack prize sent from heaven stuffed with extreme intelligence.
The expression on his face was priceless – “Oh, my gosh, YOU know that?!” Well, of course I know it. If you know the answer, little second grader, then I know it -– was what I was thinking as I kept the giggles inside of me.
We did a brisk business despite an early afternoon deluge of rain. Sold plenty of books, 201 Things to Do When Children I’M BORED! The Checklist and Journal for Busy Families. In fact, I’m hooked. Where’s the next book fair? Anybody know?


About Jodie Randisi

Independent publisher and author coaching for authors who need support in self publishing. I specialize in amazing true stories and coloring books for adults. Ghostwriting, author and media coaching, and much more. I love helping people and businesses preserve their legacies.
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