Tips for a Great STAYcation

Vacation Dude cartoon
With gas prices and travel costs rising, many people opt just to stay home on their vacation time – hence, a “staycation.” But being at home, or close to it, can make it seem like less of a break. Here are ways to ignore the fact that you’re home and enjoy your time off:

* Get All Of Your Errands And Chores Done Ahead Of Time – Wash your clothes, clean the house, shop for groceries, pay your bills and do other essential errands and chores before your staycation begins.
* Make Sure People Know You’re On Vacation – Just because you’re home doesn’t mean people should be bothering you for favors or other menial things. Make sure you reiterate to people that it’s your time off, and you intend to keep it that way.
* Decide What You Want To Do Ahead Of Time – Like a vacation, staycations to involve planning. Think of activities and other things you’d like to do before your staycation starts, so you’re not trying to think of things on your time off and wasting time.
* Create A Vacation Atmosphere – Put fresh, new sheets on your bad, buy some luxurious bath items, add fresh cut flowers and put out a bowl of fruit and some of your favorite magazines. Try sleeping in a different room from where you usually sleep.
* Unplug The Computer And TV – And any other tool or device you wouldn’t normally use on vacation. Don’t worry, your e-mail is not going to disappear, and there’s always TiVo.
* Invite People Over – If you usually visit with people on your vacation, invite some people to spend time with you. Go out to a fun restaurant or local attraction.
* Treat Yourself – Do things you normally wouldn’t do, whether it be eating lobster at a fancy restaurant, getting a spa treatment or indulging in a box of expensive chocolates.
* Do Something Your Normally Can’t Enjoy – Haven’t had time to read that certain book? Never get around to learning some new cooking skills? Now’s the time, because you have the time.
* Get Out Of The House – Don’t just stay home – make sure to get out of the house a bit, or you may go stir-crazy.
* Check Out Local Attractions – Staycations are a great way to stop and smell the roses, as well as experience things around you that you normally don’t notice.


About Jodie Randisi

Independent publisher and author coaching for authors who need support in self publishing. I specialize in amazing true stories and coloring books for adults. Ghostwriting, author and media coaching, and much more. I love helping people and businesses preserve their legacies.
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