Leaving for College

The end of summer is approaching and we will be packing up our kids and sending them off to college very soon. It is a very stressful time for both parents and children.

Here are some simple ways to stay connected to your children from the author of 201 Things to Do When Children Say I’M BORED!  www.201thingstodo.com

Frustrated student
* Use snail mail. Send cards and write letters. Getting mail that matters has become welcome because it’s so rare these days. Use the old post office and send a message from the heart.
* Make your child’s favorite dish and put it in their freezer. They will be delighted on the day they really need it.
* Make a scrapbook filled with pictures to send off to college with your child. They will love having it to show to their new friends, and it will be a wonderful comfort to them on the days when homesickness takes hold.
* Put notes in your child’s pockets as you pack their clothes for college. They will find them for months to come. They may be annoyed, but they will get a chuckle out of it, too!
* Send your child a one-way ticket home. Let them know they always have the means to make their way back home.
* Celebrate their successes over the phone, in an e-mail or surprise them with a visit! Show how proud you are of their accomplishments.
* Send flowers to college. You can add a little “thinking of you” note and let all the roommates try and guess who sent them. Your child will know.



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