Halloween Fun – Messy but Fun

FROM the book


Idea # 123 SPOOKY SAM

Have children sit in a circle blindfolded. Repeat the Spooky Sam story below while passing each object around the circle. Tell the children it’s okay to react but it’s not okay to tell what the object is lest they spoil the surprise for others.

“Spooky Sam passed away so we brought his body here today. Here comes pieces of his teeth. (pieces of chalk)

“Now, don’t be shy. Here’s comes his eye.” (grape)

“You don’t suppose, this was Sam’s nose?” (piece of a hot dog)

“Please don’t linger. Here’s comes his finger.” (carrot or pickle)

“Better beware, this was Sam’s hair.” (cooked spaghetti)

“I know this sounds grim, but this was once inside him,” (Jello)

Finish the game by having the children guess what each part of Spooky Sam was.

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