Established 1992 

COWCATCHER: (n.) a metal frame at the front of a locomotive for pushing aside cattle or other obstacles on the line.

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by Jodie Randisi


Fear No Evil – The Story of Denny Nissely and Christ in Action, Harold Shaw Publishers, 2000.

This book was traditionally published, an inspiration for people a truly fascinating life story and no time to write it or get it published.  

The back cover headliner reads –


This book was published as the result of a well written query letter. The rest of the back cover…

When Denny Nissley came to Christ, he did not know what God would call him to do or how many times his life would be threatened for doing it.  Once a drug addict and alcoholic leading a life of crime, Denny Nissley is now a bold evangelist on the streets of America. As a young man he found forgiveness and healing and began a life dedicated to telling others the Good News of Christ. But he never guessed what was in store for him. 

He has been shot at, thrown in jail, threatened with knives and beaten for his fearless conviction to take the love of Jesus to where it’s most desperately needed and hardest to find. Before his conversion in April of 1977, Denny Nissley was an incorrigible, shameless, callous criminal. His amazing transformation from a drug and alcohol addicted holy terror into an accomplished and wholly devoted man of God is a miraculous story worth telling, one very much worth reading. 

The book can be purchased on the internet for as little as a penny plus shipping. The story of how the book got published is almost as interesting as some of the bizarre episodes in Denny’s evangelical endeavors. 


Originally published in 1992, 201 Things to Do When Children Say I’M BORED! was a simple checklist of ideas designed to inspire adults to spend time WITH children. Truth be told, I needed the checklist because I was using the television as a babysitter for my three young children even though I was an elementary school teacher and knew better. I needed to move in a more positive direction and as it turns out, I was not the only one with good intentions and not enough good ideas.

In 2008, I redesigned the book to include space for journaling, allowing families to capture treasured memories.

“As adults, it is not our responsibility to pave the way for children. It is, however, a good idea to provide a decent roadmap.” J. Randisi


Hilton Head Monthly magazine

Pink magazine

One of my greatest pleasure over the last 16 years has been my good fortune to be on assignment for Pink magazine and Hilton Head Monthly magazine. Interviewing fascinating individuals who live and work on Hilton Head has provided tons of great inspiration for other projects such as….


 As it turns out, my first attempt to do business  in Hollywood turned into Hollyweird. LESSON LEARNED: If you are headed to tinseltown, be careful who you partner with, and always take advice from established professionals who are willing to guide you.  In the meanwhile, based on a conversation overheard at Happy Hour at the Palmetto Hall Clubhouse, a romantic comedy for the middle aged crowd called SIDE BET$.

LOGLINE:  Fed up with their seriously stale marriages, three golf widows force their golf-obsessed husbands to chase them instead of the little white ball by sending them on a demanding scavenger hunt designed to expose spousal shortcomings.


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